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Metal Sheet Factory

We are your best partner in China for Mechanical parts. 

Quality is above all.

Manufacture custom-made mechanical parts.

Meet Customer's drawing requirements

 we are doing our best to make sure the parts will be as customers's demands. 

Excellent Quality Production in China

We are committed to the ISO9001 system in order to reach the right demands.

Attractive Quotation meet customer targets

 we are doing our best to do cost reduction for our customers demands

About Us

Company Introduction

The company leads in manufacturing a wide range of mechanical parts to all industries in the world.   Our company has been in the market for more than 15 years.   Out of need to produce excellent quality parts and competitive prices.  

Our company has a team of engineers who inspect the parts at all stages of production with emphasis on meeting the drawing dimensions and general appearance of the parts,  Each batch of production is carefully inspected and an audit report is sent to the customer prior to shipment.

Our company has regretted on her flag the issue of quality and competitive prices. We do our best to reach customer's target prices without compromising the required quality.

As a new customer we encourage you to explore the long-term cooperation with us.

We would be happy to receive your 2D and 3D drawings to check our quotation. We will also be very happy to receive target prices to help you be competitive in your market.

Management Team


Asian Electronics 1988 Ltd is a professional mechanical parts, sheet metal fabrication producer and best service supplier. 

We provide one-stop OEM services, tooling design, stamping machines, laser machines, CNC machines, surface treatment, packing for shipment. We provide other related products and service according to customers requirements.

Asian Electronics 1988 Ltd locates at Shenzhen, China which is one of the most important port and mechanical parts base of China. The company was established in 2003, occupies 13000 ㎡and has about 200 employees now.

Asian Electronics 1988 Ltd keeps rapid development professional manufacturing capacity, rigorous working attitude, and satisfactory customer service. Now customers are mainly from Europe and America including well-known enterprises. Kinds of industries it serves including Mechanical, Auto & Motorcycle, Lighting, Electronic, Public Facilities, etc. It has built up a good reputation.

Asian Electronics 1988 Ltd aims to be a first-class international enterprise, pls welcome to be one of our customers from all over the world,

 pls join us and be also our satisfied customer.

Our Philosophy


We believe in our company that the customer should get the best service at the best price and thus the customer will be able to sell his products in his competitive market.

In fact, we are committed to finding every possible way to manufacture the parts in the cheapest way and thus to price our customers accordingly.

The improvement of the production method and regulated processes enable us to find the way to bring the products to a very good finish, both in terms of aesthetics and in terms of compliance with all the required measurements, thus bringing the products to an optimum position, because the production process is the most efficient and thus the customer enjoys low costs and a very high finish level and good price most. 

We do best to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the quality level required.

We would be happy to receive your demands and be part of our satisfied customer's family

Welcome to be our satisfied customer

We do as much as we can to serve our customers faithfully in every possible way throughout the supply chain from the time the order is received through the production itself, until delivery of the shipment to the required destination.

Our customers enjoy excellent service and continue to produce new projects with us and even recommend us to new customers.

We would be happy to receive from you, as a new customer, your drawings for pricing and to prove our ability to offer an attractive price quote of the best quality. 

Please send us 2D 3D drawings and quantities and if possible price target to do our best to meet the desired target price.  


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